it amazes me how much i’m able to love someone simply because they accept that i want to be alone to work.
that, in the true ironic twists and turns of love, is the ultimate turn-on for me.
the ultimate turn-off? clinginess. neediness. damnation.

i’ve always been this way.
pretty much every relationship i’ve ever been in has walked through this fire and mostly come out scorched and defeated.

i can’t believe sometimes that i found him, and that he found me.

two weird artists, flying in tandem, landing and fueling, flying again.

we barely stopped long enough to GET married. it’ll still take ages for us to move in together.
none of this seems strange to me, though.
it only seems strange in the company of other people who look at me with compassion and horror, as if i’ve had a limb amputated, when i say i haven’t seen my husband for three months.

but it works.

Amanda Palmer on her relationship with her husband, Neil Gaiman (via superstitionis)

I love this response. Esp. “This doesn’t exactly make her a strong female role model… though she is smart, physically capable, etc… she is not exactly independent. She keeps returning to what is basically an abusive relationship. But then, she’s a villain. And this is Gotham. Everyone is all kinds of fucked up.”

Perfect answer.