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Haha! This is too perfect for words. Ivy’s face!

detective-comicsGotham Girls And Cats | Dustin Nguyen

Suddenly, I can see Emma Stone playing Poison Ivy. And I’m not hating it. ;)

birdstumpIvy, by Brett Weldele

I love it.

coroneldjdead weather | tim heitz

It’s so beautiful.

hollisbrownthorntonCassettes, VHS & Atari permanent marker on paper 22 1/2 x 30 inches hbt13-p001 2013

What flair!

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I love it.


dezi-desireZen Pencils Comic:50. NEIL GAIMAN: Make good art

This…is the best thing ever. Neil Gaiman, my love for you grows daily!
This is how I live my life, art is the only thing keeping me sane!

I love and respect Hayao Miyazaki.

Philosophy of Miyazakiby sapphiresky

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Whoever did this, you’re my inspiration.

"Oh, I see what you did there," snickered Serendipity. "What a pleasant surprise!"

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J Scott Campbell reimagines Cinderella.

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J Campbell Scott’s vision of Belle and the Beast.

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J Scott Campbell’s Alice in Wonderland re-imagined.

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